Aehra Sedan

Aehra Sedan: One of the top electric sedans

Following the SUV trend, the Milanese brand Aehra has unveiled its new high-performance sedan.

Eight months ago, Aehra created a sensation by revealing its new SUV, a crossover midway between a sedan and an SUV.

Aehra SUV

Founded and based in Milan, Aehra is venturing the upper segment, which it refers to as “ultra-premium”, with high-performance electric vehicles. The brand aims to conquer markets in North America, Europe, China, and the Gulf countries.

Dynamic and elegant

In accordance with the brand, the spectacular design combines the cardinal principles of Italian design with nature Aehra has enlisted the services of renowned designer Filippo Perini, who has previously worked for Italdesign, Audi, and Lamborghini, among others.

Aehra Sedan
Aehra Sedan
Aehra Sedan
Aehra Sedan

Four inverted scissor doors open to reveal a compartment where passengers sit on four independent seats. The dashboard consists of a screen spanning the entire width of the car. When stationary, the screen can extend in height to transform the cabin into a cinema or office space equipped with a video conferencing station.

Aehra Sedan

Total discretion

As with its SUV a few months ago, Aehra maintains the mystery surrounding the mechanics of its Sedan. What we do know, logically, is that the two models share up to 70% of the same platform and mechanical components. The battery, which was specifically developed in collaboration with the Austrian firm Miba Battery Systems, has a capacity of 120 kWh and a range of up to 800 km. Running on a 925-V system, the fast-charging power is expected to reach 350 kW. Finally, the battery also features bi-directional charging in order to integrate the vehicle into the home electric ecosystem.

Aehra Sedan

Pre-orders will open in 2024, and the final model, which is expected to be 99.9% identical to the one presented here, will be launched in 2026. Widespread commercial availability is planned for late 2027. So there is still a long wait for this one…


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