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Alfa Romeo Tonale: hitting the right notes

Alfa Romeo introduces the definitive version of its C-SUV Tonale. The incursion of the venerable Milanese brand into this highly competitive segment also symbolises the metamorphosis of Alfa Romeo with the advent of electrification, the adoption of new technologies and the strong desire to live up to its legacy.

Geneva, 5 March 2019: Under the spotlights at GIMS, Alfa Romeo introduces its Tonale concept, from the name of a pass that separates the Trentino-South Tyrol from Lombardy. The reactions of media professionals and the public are flattering. Although it is still in concept form, Alfa Romeo announces that a hybrid heart beats under the Tonale’s hood.

On 8 February 2022, Alfa Romeo is introducing the definitive version of the Tonale. With a tantalising line that only slightly differs from the 2019 concept car, the Tonale embodies the respected Milanese brand’s push into the highly competitive C-SUV sector. Its target: the German premiums supremacy.

Beautiful and functional

The essence of any Alfa Romeo is a subtle mix of style and character: a DNA found in each of the brand’s products. The Tonale’s lines are sober and elegant. Under the bow, the signature LED optics rightly reinterpret the impressive style of the 1989 SZ, which had top billing for both Zagato and Alfa Romeo at the 1989 GIMS.

Inside, modernity blends with tradition. The instruments are displayed on a 12.3 inch digital cockpit. Note that the cap of the instrument panel refers to this style as “cannochiale” in Italian in the text, a reminder of the Alfas of the 1960s and 1970s. Even better: the counter/rev counter can, on request, adopt the same graphic style of the time. The entire dashboard is plain, horizontal in design, with a second 10.25″ screen for the infotainment system. Alfa Romeo has luckily seen fit to keep the touch control for air conditioning.

Cuore electro-sportivo

The Tonale ushers in electrification at Alfa Romeo. On the menu, a 1.5 l turbo full hybrid of 130 and 160 ch, linked to a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. The 48V 15 kW electric engine has an additional 55 nm torque. It allows a 100% electric drive which is small but useful, particularly for manoeuvering and in traffic. According to the manufacturer, almost 50% of the WLTP drive cycle is covered by electricity.
The top of the range will be provided by a rechargeable hybrid engine, linked to a 1.3 l turbo block of 180 ch on the front wheels and a 90 kW electric engine on the rear axle.  All of this is powered by a 15.5 kWh battery. The whole unit has a power output of 275 ch, allowing electric driving in theory for 60 to 80 km, as well as complete autonomy (petrol + electricity) for around 600 km. This hybrid plug-in engine has de facto full Q4 transmission.

Always faithful to tradition, Alfa Romeo has created three driving modes and different propulsion interactions, through the DNA selector. Some European markets will also offer the Tonale with a 130 ch diesel engine.

New Alfa Romeo experience

Of course, the arrival of electrification at Alfo Romeo had to match the sturdy nature of its products. Engineers promise us typically Alfa sensations, both in the comfort while driving and the driving dynamics. 

The arrival of the magic of electricity is accompanied by a technological metamorphosis for the brand. Alexa, Google’s vocal assistant, is available as standard. The systems authorise remote “over the air” updates and has a Wifi hotspot in the passenger compartment. For the first time in the automobile sector, the Alfa Romeo Tonale comes with an NFT (Non Fungible Token) digital certificate. Based on blockchain technology, the Tonale NFT certifies, upon purchase of the vehicle, its configuration, maintenance carried out, the mileage and history of all events that should be known during resale. Thus, Alfa Romeo now hopes, among other things, that it will have a high residual value. Furthermore, with the Tonale, the brand is introducing a guarantee extended to 5 years as well as a certified approved scheme.

Alfa Romeo Tonale will make its commercial debut in June 2022 (full hybrid). The diesel will arrive in autumn 2022 and the hybrid plug-in engine in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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