From Geneva to Doha

Tour d'Excellence

Get ready for an incredible adventure with the Tour d'Excellence !

From 28 August to 30 September 2023, follow our two Volkswagen ID Buzz crew, demonstarting the industry’s progress in electromobility under extreme conditions.

The Tour d’Excellence is a testament of the GIMS long-standing values of excellence, innovation and pioneering spirit.

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an epic journey

A symbolic bridge between the two host cities

As GIMS is embarking on a new chapter, venturing off its native country, the road to Qatar will be connecting the 100-year legacy to the inaugural show in Doha taking place from 5-14 October 2023.


From the Alps of Switzerland to the sand dunes of Qatar, the Tour d’Excellence will cover nearly 6,500 km, crossing 12 countries and 2 seas, all without any assistance


Join us as we explore new horizons

Let the Journey Begins

Part 1 – Europe / Asia

  • Geneva – Venice – Dubrovnik – Tirana – Alexandropolis – Istanbul – Cesme – Piraeus
  • Distance: 3’800 km
  • Start : August 28th 2023 from Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Finish : September 11th 2023 Lavrio, Greece

Part 2 – Western Asia

  • Amman – Aqaba – Neom – Tabuk – AlUla – Riyadh – Manama – Doha
  • Distance: 3’000 km
  • Start : September 16th 2023 from Amman, Jordan
  • Finish : September 30th 2023 Doha, Qatar
VW ID Buzz

Two iconic ID Buzz

Heir to the VW Combi, an icon of freedom and adventure since the 1950s, the ID Buzz perpetuates tradition by combining it with the modernity of electric propulsion – while committing to carbon neutrality.


The Challenge

While charging infrastructure is well developed in Europe today, the Middle East is still in its early stages. Crossing 2,500 km in the Arabian Peninsula requires creativity and flexibility in order to access electrical power.

The Tour d’Excellence is to prove that even under such challenging circumstances, long distance trips with electric vehicles remain feasible.

The Cube

Like the Olympic torch travelling around the world to the host city of the Olympic Games, the GIMS Cube will be displayed in each of the stopover cities of the Tour d’Excellence.

It symbolises the connection between Geneva and Doha and acts as an ambassador for GIMS. As it arrives at destination, the Cube will unfold more surprises.

Meet the Team

Two teams of extraordinary individuals are making this adventure possible. With their expertise and determination, they will navigate through various terrains and climates, facing challenges head-on.

Frank M. Rinderknecht

Frank M. Rinderknecht (born 1955) is the founder and CEO of Rinspeed Inc. – based in Zumikon/Switzerland – which he has established in 1977 as young student at the ETH (Technical University of Zurich). While the import of sunroofs from the USA was his first business activity, Rinspeed soon became a pioneer and first mover in the then newly created tuning industry. In 1995 Rinspeed started to build proprietary prototypes and concept cars. The invention of the steering wheel with integrated controls for radio or other functions, sustainable powertrains and driver assistance systems are amongst noteworthy milestones in the company’s history. After having sold all tuning activities in 2008 to a German competitor, Frank’s activities are centered today on being a Think Tank of the automotive and other industries, and create and promote concept vehicles, innovative technologies, materials, and mobility means of tomorrow. He is also a multiple World Record holder. Privately, Frank and his wife Michèle are passionate about spending their time on or at the sea, preferably in the Med.

Pictured with his wife and teammate Michèle Ramseier

Rinspeed AG

Rainer Zietlow

Rainer Zietlow founded his agency, CHALLENGE4 GmbH in Mannheim/Germany, in 2004. He is a specialist in planning and executing worldwide automotive projects with Volkswagen cars. Rainer Zietlow’s automotive success includes several long-distance world records and six Guinness World Records™. Its electric world record drives started in 2020, when Rainer Zietlow completed the longest journey to that date within a country in an all-electric vehicle. He drove in a VW ID.3 over 28.000 Km and visited 830 VW dealers in Germany within 65 days. One year later, in 2021 he undertook a similar tour in the United States, visiting 650 dealers by driving more than 58.000 Km within 97 days, doubling the record of 2020 record and setting a new Guinness World Record. In 2022, Rainer Zietlow set his second Guinness World Record in Bolivia. In an all-electric VW ID.4 GTX, he climbed the dormant Uturuncu volcano to a height of 5,816 meters above sea level. In 2023 he set his third Guinness World Record for crossing Canada from East to West with 18 charging stops. Returning from West to East he visited all 145 VW dealers with an over 29.000 Km long drive.


Anouk Köpfer and Camillo Pohl aka “The Minoukis”

“The Minoukis” – having just finished their own middle eastern journey – cover the “Tour d’Excellence” with their professional eyes and lenses. At their young age of just 22, they represent the “Generation Z” in the small and international team.

Instagram @minoukis

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