Tour d’Excellence: Day 14 – Athens

09.10.2023 – Day 14 – Athens – 45 km

9:15 a.m.

After a well-deserved lie-in, we enjoy breakfast together in beautiful sunshine.

The following hours will be productive behind the computer: answering e-mails, posting the story of our adventures on LinkedIn, viewing photos and films, updating the logbook and so on.

3:30 p.m.

Departure for nearby Cape Sounio on the Attica peninsula. Passing dreamy beaches, we reached the temple of Poseidon. Imposing even from a distance, the Temple of Poseidon towers above the Aegean Sea on a rocky hill 60 metres above sea level. It is about as old as the Acropolis (5th century BC).

Back at the hotel, the Buzz IDs were recharged again for the onward journey to Amman. We protected our valuables against theft with chains and a padlock, and hope to find them all on arrival.

Total distance covered: 4192 km – daily stage: 45 km

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