Tour d’Excellence: Day 7– de Thessalonique à Alexandroupolis

09.03.2023 – Day 7 – Thessaloniki to Alexandroupolis – 341 km

9:02 a.m.

Departure in the direction of downtown Thessalonica to capture a few monuments: the Arch of Galerius, the Bank of Greece, the White Tower.

Battery level: 100%, autonomy: 420 km, 24° C


10:23 a.m.

Moving on toward Alexandroupolis, with a charging stop at Xhanti.

Battery level 33%, remaining autonomy: 112 km, Ø 23.1 kWh, travel time 3:17 h at a speed of around 120 – 130 km/h – high electricity consumption.

2:25 p.m.

We set off after recharging, with a battery capacity of 65%, i.e. 240 km of range, and head for Nestos National Park.

In the middle of the national park, near Porto Lagos, lies the small island of Agios Nikolaos with a small monastery of the same name, accessible on foot via a 130 m-long wooden footbridge. Another footbridge leads from the first to the second island, with a small chapel. It’s a special place with a magnificent natural setting.

17 km before Alexandrouplis, most of the plantlife was burned. This continued for the rest of the route. A somber backdrop for our trip.


4:00 p.m.

Arrival at the Alexander Beach & Spa hotel, Alexandroupolis.

Battery level 32%, range 113 km, 23.0 kWh/100km, Ø 68 km/h, travel time 6:55 h

Total distance covered: 2740 km, daily stage 341 km

From Geneva to now, the results of recharging have been positive. We’ve had no major problems finding a terminal. Getting it to work, on the other hand, has often been more of a challenge. So far, we’ve already downloaded 22 different apps to access the different electricity suppliers on our route.

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