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Getting to the show

How to find us

The Geneva International Motor Show is held at Palexpo.

Route François-Peyrot 301218 Le Grand-Saconnex

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By public transport

Palexpo has excellent public transport links.  The organisers recommend that you use public transport due to limited parking space.


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Palexpo is just a ten-minute walk from Geneva airport railway station, which has numerous connections throughout Switzerland (Geneva-Cornavin in less than 10 minutes, Lausanne in 40 minutes and Zurich in less than 3 hours).

Wheelchair access is possible from Geneva airport station.


The following bus routes connect Palexpo with Geneva and the surrounding area:

  • Bus SLN (special GIMS) – “Palexpo” stop
  • Bus 5 – “Palexpo” stop
  • Bus 8 – “Palexpo” stop
  • Bus 10 – “Aéroport” stop
  • Bus 23 – “Palexpo-Halle 7” stop
  • Bus 28 – “Aéroport” stop
  • Bus 50 – “Palexpo” stop
  • Bus 54 – “Palexpo-Halle 7” stop
  • Bus 56 – “Aéroport” stop
  • Bus 57 – “Aéroport” stop
  • Bus 59 – “Palexpo” stop
  • Bus 66 – “Palexpo-Halle 7” stop

Wheelchair access is possible from the “Aéroport” and “Palexpo” stops.

By car

Due to the large number of visitors expected at the show, we recommend that you use public transport to avoid traffic jams.


Palexpo’s Car Park P12 has 1,500 spaces and 4 spaces with charging points for electric vehicles.  When the Car Park P12 is full, drivers are directed to other car parks such as P49 and P47.

Monday 26 February: please note that the car park will be reserved for the media during Media Day.


Cars above 2m will be redirected to P11.

P47 and P49

Palexpo’s Car Park P47 and Car Park P49 have around 1,200 spaces. When Car Park P12 is full, drivers are directed to other parking spaces. Charging points for electric vehicles are not available in these car parks.

Campervans are not permitted.

  • Single price of 10.00 /CHF per car

The parking is 12 minutes walk from Palexpo. Please follow the signage. By bus please take the 23 or 66 to Geneva airport stop then take the 5, 50 or 59 to Grand Saconnex, Palexpo stop.

Parking des Nations

Public parking available with self-service cashier.

Location: Rue de Varembé, 1202 Genève. 17 minutes away with bus.

More info at:

P+R Sécheron

Public parking available with self-service cashier.

Location: Rue de Varembé, 1202 Genève. 20 minutes away with bus.

More info at:

By coach

Palexpo’s Car Park P47 has spaces for coaches where they can be parked directly on site.

  • Single price of 60.00 /CHF per coach

To organize a drop off in front of the show entrances, please contact us at

By scooter

Scooters are not permitted inside or outside Palexpo. Scooters and electric scooters may not be left in the cloakroom. Palexpo SA shall not be held liable in the event of theft.

By Taxis

Access to taxis in front of Palexpo and the usual pick-up and drop-off zone.

By bike

Parking facilities are available for motorcyclists and cyclists. Specific signage is provided. If motorcycle helmets cannot be stored under the saddle or in a top case, they must be taken to the Palexpo cloakroom. Helmets are not permitted in the halls.

Drop-off and pick-up

Only available to limousines with valid A-VIP badges.

Useful information

Opening hours

  • Monday 26th (Media Day): 07:30-18:00
  • Tuesday 27th (VIP Day): 07:30-18:00
  • Wednesday 28th: 10:00-20:00
  • Thursday 29th: 10:00-22:00 (Special Afterwork: 18:00-22:00)
  • Friday 1st: 10:00-20:00
  • Weekend 2nd & 3rd: 09:00-19:00


A number of restaurants and sales outlets will be available.


  • Le Central: 250-seat self-service restaurant. Reservations are not possible.
    Show opening hour
  • Le Poivrier: 60-seat dining room with elaborate menu. Reservations are possible until midday for up to 10 persons on +41 22 761 15 00. (Table booking will be reserved for 15 minutes)
    Open from 11am to 3.30 pm
  • Restaurant des Hunaudières: 160-seat dining room. Reservations are not possible.
    Open from 11am to 3.30 pm
  • Restaurant V: Restaurant by reservation only. Ideal for large group bookings. Reservations are possible on +41 22 761 15 00.

Sales outlets and snack bars

Various sales outlets and snack bars can be found in the exhibition halls.


  • Bar du central
    Open 30 minutes before the show starts until show closing time.

Hall 4

Show opening hours

  • Cube Bar and Cube Barista
  • Champagne Bar. Reservations are not possible.
  • Cuppin’s
  • Snack Bar

Hall 2

Show opening hours

  • Le Lounge
  • Pitstop Bar

Food Court en Halle 3

Open from 11am to show closing time

  • Pasta Bar 
  • Pizza 
  • Raclette 
  • Tartines 
  • Beer truck

Facilities for people with disabilities or reduced mobility

The Car Park P12 has spaces on each floor reserved for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.  These can be found next to the lifts and are for vehicles with a maximum height of two metres. Parking spaces for vehicles above two metres are available in Car Park P11 – please notify us of your arrival time via email to

Download the floor plan (GIMS in Halls 2+4)


A fee-paying cloakroom is available to visitors at the entrance to the show.

  • Jacket CHF 2.00
  • Handbag / backpack CHF 2.00
  • Case CHF 2.00

Searches will be carried out at the show entrance.

Lost Properity

Contact us on +41 (0)22 761 11 11 if you lose an item. Two weeks after the event, all lost property will be forwarded to the Geneva lost property office.


Animals will not be admitted to Palexpo SA, except for assistance dogs, upon presentation of proof of the dog’s status.


Children and babies

We welcome babies and pushchairs. Escalators are available for access to Hall 2. Please note that no childcare facilities will be available on site. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.


The show has negotiated rates with several hotels in the Palexpo area. Bookings can be made via this link.


Public WiFi will be available in the halls.



Wheelchair access is possible in all 3 halls. Please contact reception for lift access to Hall 2.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

No external food is allowed to be brought inside the halls. You may bring drinks except alcohol and glass bottles. Thorough checks will be enforced upon entrance of the show.

What other items are not allowed?

Visitors are not allowed to bring the following:

  • Food
  • Weapons: firearms, bladed weapons (knives, pocket knives, scissors), sticks, truncheons and any other object considered a weapon.
  • Blunt objects: such as baseball bats, golf clubs, hammers, metal bars and chains etc. that could be used as blunt weapons.
  • Chemical, flammable or explosive substances: flammable and corrosive liquids, fireworks, explosives, paint cans/sprays/canisters and any other object or substance that could pose a fire, explosion or smearing risk.
  • Projectile objects: stones, glass bottles, steel balls, paintballs and other objects that could be thrown and cause damage or injury.
  • Protective equipment: gas masks, motorcycle helmets, shields, riot gear etc. that could be interpreted as an attempt at confrontation or violence.
  • Flags, banners and placards: with the exception of any promotional items given to the public by exhibitors, flags, banners and placards are strictly forbidden at the show.